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      The way we are…….

      Through close partnership, we cultivate a lens, unique to each client, to collectively examine how to assist each client to attain their strategic objectives and exceed their goals. Innovative tech driven Audio, Internet & Audio of Things, Music and Tech related companies are our focus. We’ve guided companies from seed to late-stage growth companies, helped re-position companies in any stage of their life cycle and our partners are deeply involved in every deal we do, so check size and company stage takes a back seat to the opportunity itself.

      Located at Vestdijk 62 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands we are a diverse and talented group of professionals who founded Smart Square to be a different type of financial boutique. We believe taking companies to the next level should be timed, not just timely.

      Therefore, we partner as early as possible with our technology clients to discover, strengthen, and communicate their capabilities and the potential of their businesses to optimize each outcome. We achieve outstanding  results through our global reach, depth of understanding, and the proactive advisement requisite for transactional success.

      If your company is interested in finding a strategic partner, just make an appointment with us at the Vestdijk 62 in Eindhoven or contact us by phone/email for an appointment at your place!

      Our Services Include, but are not exclusive to,

      • Growth Advisory
      • Strategic Advisory
      • Financial Advisory
      • Strategic Positioning
      • Marketing Advisory
      • Go To Market Advisory

      Are we a match?

      We Speak Tech

      Smart Square leaders have expertise in the entire process of growth: from initial strategy to completing. Even better, we have experience building technology and technology-enabled companies. We strive to give every client “big company” services informed by tech-company savvy.

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      Your Proposition

      To be successful one can have a out of the box proposition. At Smart Square we have dealt with many propositions, either through our past or today’s engagements. Whether your proposition or product is different, we love working with you to fine tune, improve, challenge, to make the story more compelling and increase the value for all stakeholders.

      If you wish for Smart Square to work with you on the proposition, please contact us by EMAIL


      Our expertise covers several industries and if you are a privately held company looking for a strategic partner, Smart Square might be the company for you to work with.

      If you wish to discuss an opportunity with us, please contact us by EMAIL

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