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      Smart Square Ventures Capital Raises

      Smart Square Ventures has a strong track record of raising capital for middle-market private companies. We represent growth and later-stage private companies in their fundraising process, working closely with management and existing investors to secure the next round of venture or strategic financing.

      In addition, we are highly experienced in recapitalizing existing businesses. Our extensive network of private equity buyers and significant recapitalization experience offer founders and operating shareholders a way to achieve liquidity and growth capital while simultaneously bringing in a professional investment partner who can further help them scale the business.

      Through our extensive contacts in the venture capital, private equity, and strategic investor communities, we introduce clients to qualified investment partners. Since 2016 we have helped many companies raise capital for working capital, growth acceleration, acquisitions, or recapitalization. Our refined process and existing relationships ensure an optimal financing or recapitalization outcome.

      Private Capital

      Smart Square Ventures operates on a few simple beliefs, it’s all about the entrepreneur; enduring brands are the endgame; and in the tech world market leaders don’t just win, they win big. It’s your company, it’s your dream, and we want to help you make your vision a reality.

      Challenges in raising capital

      People doubting your idea? Not enough differentiation in your plans or go-to market? Market too crowded with competition, or too small? Yes, as entrepreneurs ourselves we’ve heard all the naysayers too. With several of our companies we barely made it through the volatile bubble years, and had to reshape our businesses at several occasions to survive and thrive. We know even the best ideas come with challenges along the way. We won’t give up nor blink.

      Mergers & Acquisitions, part of our core business

      Mergers and Acquisitions being a substantial part of our core business , however Smart Square Ventures may assist technology companies with broader advisory services, in addition to technology investment banking.

      Our global technology team & network provides valuation, restructuring, alternative assets, disputes and taxation.


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