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      Why Smart Square Ventures

      We’re lean on process because we believe in doing work rather than making it. As advisors we are partners and collaborators at every stage of a company’s lifecycle — we meet your team where it is, and work with you to achieve success on your terms. In some cases we help companies chart their course, in others we get in the boat and row alongside management.

      Depending on what structure is most appropriate for each opportunity, our ability to commit to a wide variety of services allows for maximum flexibility when structuring a transaction.

      Our team has experience to maximize the return to stakeholders in any situation. We deliver decades of real-world experience advising high-growth companies on scaling world class teams, optimizing go-to-market strategies, measuring against key performance metrics, managing high-stakes acquisitions, preparing for life as a public company and building businesses that stand the test of time.

      Backed with industry sector expertise, an extensive global network and a strong track record in M&A, strategic partnerships, business development, and strategic positioning, Smart Square is the right partner for emerging growth companies. Because of our background we are able to offer a wide variety of services of financial advisory, strategic consulting, as well as senior level operational experience to accelerate our client goals.

      Our team is able to help drive long-term value by providing financial, strategic, operational and governance support that our management teams require to make their businesses successful.


      At Smart Square we have deep industry knowledge and extensive domain experience in the sectors we operate in: Software, Internet Services, Materials, IoT & Electronics. Our team is comprised solely of senior executives with a long track record in the respective industries we focus on, hence the reason we are uniquely positioned to identify promising companies and enable their success.

      Creating Value

      All of us are seasoned entrepreneurs who have seen all elements of a company cycle. Smart Square has a global reach to market our clients to venture capitalists, investors and executives but first we work with you to properly position your company by creating value for all stakeholders involved.

      Global Reach

      Although based in the Netherlands, we are a global, independent advisory firm with a multitude of services including operational Advisory, Go To Market and Financial and Investment services that delivers world-class strategic and financial advice to emerging growth companies in the sectors we manage.

      Our team members have, throughout their careers, operated in international environments, lived and worked abroad and bring a wealth of international contacts and experience to the table.

      Based on our international background we have established a network around the world which we leverage to increase the potential of the deals we work on.


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